Gun Frontier ~ Ch.12 and 13

This is a special release: the very first one up here, a double one to make up for the long wait, and chapter 13 marks the end of volume 1, so it’s half the way through (well, not quite, volume 2 contains more chapters).

So, Chapters 12 and 13. More lawlessness, violence, sex and adventure. It’s all right, we all love it.

Grab it to find out whether the round-faced horses made it to the end of the volume!

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By way of introduction…

This place has been created to release new scanslated chapters of Gun Frontier manga by Leiji Matsumoto.

The Rabbit Reich had been working on the series (the last release was Chapter 11), but the group’s been inactive for quite a while now. Absolutely no idea what’s going on with the Rabbits – hope they are okay, just very very busy.

Good news is ak the translator has already done some more Gun Frontier chapters and is ready to go on. So basically it’s just the same project continued and you may be sure of the quality. I, iskra (aka iskrona), a fan from the Leijiverse forum, am doing the editing.

Stay tuned, the next release is coming out really soon!