Gun Frontier ~ Ch.20

On second thoughts, we might as well see the year off with a good round-faced chapter number – so here comes Gun Frontier Chapter 20!

So, 20 chapters of Gun Frontier done + Arthur Peuty the Night Witch chapter 1 done + Acony vol.2 all done = we’re ready to welcome 2012 in!

The holidays are in full swing. Saw our new banner? That’s Fallen’s (aka theerrant’s) Christmas present to red rabbits. Thanks, Fallen!

Now we ARE taking a break. See you next year 😉


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4 Comments on “Gun Frontier ~ Ch.20”

  1. B1 says:

    Happy New Year! (and thanks very much for the chapter).

  2. […] he latest chapter on red rabbits, a Japanese woman kills herself after she is raped because she is ashamed of her dishonor.  […]

  3. yamiangie says:

    I like the bunny harlock

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