Arthur Pyuty the Night Witch ~ Ch.03

Viy is a colossal creation of folk imagination. This name is applied by people in Little Russia to the chief of the gnomes, whose eyelids reach to the ground. The whole story is a popular legend. I did not wish to change it in any way and tell it almost as simply as I heard it.


After a long break comes the third chapter of Arthur Pyuty. Enjoy if you dare!






6 Comments on “Arthur Pyuty the Night Witch ~ Ch.03”

  1. Athos says:

    Most appreciated.

  2. u1125495 says:

    thanks so much for translating this incredible manga

  3. pete says:

    Thanks for the release. šŸ™‚ ETA on Acony?

  4. gwern says:

    Has the translating of _Arthur Pyuty the Night Witch_ been abandoned? Almost 3 years now since the last release, as far as I can tell.

    • This group was abandoned when the Rabbit Reich (sp?) came back, but then that group died again… There’s an email address on the About page that might be more active than this site. Otherwise, your/our best bet is to ask a group that specializes in finishing scanlations, like The End over at Livejournal, to pick this up.

      I am a non-associated rabbit. šŸ™‚ So this is all through observation, not connections.

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